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Breakupgoods.com is a mashup of Pinterest meets Google for used goods. Not just any used goods, but those from a distressed or urgent sell situation. These situations are normally caused by events such as a divorce sale, estate sale, break up, job loss, or moving scenario. We have built proprietary programs and processes to not only find these “urgent” for sale goods from hundreds of classified sites, but created the ability to curate and specify the content by using a proprietary query system in addition to user added content. This process of finding and sorting is then placed into one platform for users to view, search and find.

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We try to save your time by doing the work for you. Breakupgoods searches hundreds and eventually thousands of sites and mashes it up with user added content through our “Tag it” button. You will be able to cut your search time down dramatically using Breakupgoods.com

Some Fun Facts!

Breakupgoods.com broke the 2 million users barrier on the first beta launch in 2010. Now we have grown to over $69+ Million in total value of items on site since. Items are sold or removed an average of 5 days from being listed. We have seen an average savings of 65% on higher ticket items when listed certain situations.

For media inquires, please contact [email protected] or PH: (616) 987-0507

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